Cooking Tips

Cooking Tips

I’ve come across loads of cooking tips and tricks over the years and wanted to catalogue them, so where better than on a dedicated ‘food tips’ page?! If you have any tips that you’d like to be featured, do let me know and I’ll share them on here too… Giving you full credit, of course!


Cake making and decorating tips:

  • When making figures in fondant icing, use raw spaghetti to hold pieces together. (e.g. the microscope on my biology cake, lego figures, the trees and figures on my Fernie mountain wedding cake). See my Birthday Cake Pictures for examples.
  • When making cakes, ensure your ingredients are all at the same (room) temperature – unless the recipe states otherwise.

Food tips:


  • Use room temperature eggs. They whip up better, holding more air, making your bakes rise and stay risen.
  • If a recipe calls for raw eggs or separated eggs, always break them, one by one, into a separate container BEFORE adding to your mix. That way, you won’t waste much if an egg is bad or if some broken egg shell falls in.
  • The best way to remove a small piece of egg shell from the liquid egg is to use another (larger) piece of shell to scoop it out.


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