Easy Pancake Recipe

How about this for a super easy pancake recipe?

Easy Pancake Recipe

Who doesn’t love pancakes? My super¬†easy pancake recipe¬†made with just flour, milk, eggs and a pinch of salt, will have you tucking into some of the little beauties in no time.

If you don’t happen to have scales to hand…..worry not. All you need is a regular sized mug!

Milk for Easy Pancake Recipe

This recipe will make 8-10 thin ‘crepe’ style pancakes.


  • 125g (or 1 mug) Plain Flour, preferably sifted.
  • 250ml (or 1 mug) Milk – skimmed, semi-skimmed or whole.
  • 2 large eggs
  • Pinch of salt
  • Butter, Vegetable oil or Vegetable fat (Trex) for greasing the pan


Sift the flour and salt into a large bowl.

Whisk the eggs and milk together then gradually add to the flour, whisking steadily until you have a smooth batter with the consistency of single cream.

If you can, leave the batter to rest for half an hour or so, then heat a frying or crepe pan over a medium heat.

Grease the pan, wiping away the excess with kitchen paper and pour some batter in whilst swirling the pan to spread it around. Cook for about a minute until lightly browned. Toss stylishly in the air and cook the other side for another minute or so and devour whilst still warm!

We like ours with freshly squeezed lemon juice and granulated sugar….What is your favourite accompaniment to this super easy pancake recipe?… maple syrup / fresh fruit or berries / chocolate spread……?

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