New look website for Bakes, Cakes and Eats!

Just a quick update…We’ve been working hard recently to change this website for the better. Hopefully it is now much easier to navigate and find recipes and other foodie information. The whole website should now be much easier to find your way around. We’ve separated out the categories into cakes, desserts, bread, tips and this blog. You can now click on these along the top of the page and the sub-categories will appear.

Bakes Cakes and Eats Logo

We’ve added many more photographs of my baking and there is even more to come.  I’m currently trying to perfect my chocolate chip cookie recipe (a hard job, but someone has to do it!!) and will let you know when it goes live.

I really hope you find my recipes and tips helpful and you like the brand new look! If you have chance, please let me know what you think.

Happy baking!

Nina x

Have a look at my new home page.

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