Freezing Wine

Leftover wine?… as if there could ever be such a thing!

Yes, yes, I know, why would I have any need for freezing wine? For those who know me, this is nothing short of preposterous: “Just drink it, woman!” I hear you shouting!

I have, however – on several occasions – found myself in the absurd situation of having half a bottle of wine sitting on the side or in the fridge and, as I’m not a big fan of waste, I looked for a way of using it up.  Aside from giving it away to those who like to drink on a Monday (undrunk wine only occurs after a weekend of – probably excessive – drinking with friends!) I now simply freeze it!

Both red and white wine can be frozen for use in cooking, either in ice cube trays or small containers, but my preferred method is in fully sealable plastic bags. Do make sure they are fully sealed, though, as the alcohol in the wine may prevent it from freezing completely.

Freezing Wine

Some tips on freezing wine:

  • Aim to freeze in amounts suitable for cooking – 125ml is half a cup and 250ml is a cup (obvs.!)
  • I find that popping the open bag into a mug or jug before weighing (1ml = 1g) makes things easier.
  • Lay the bag flat in the freezer.
  • There’s no need to defrost it before adding it to your food as it will melt quickly when it hits the heat.
  • Keep frozen for up to 6 months for best results.
  • Ideal for risotto, sauces, gravy, casseroles etc.

How would you use your leftover wine?

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