A weekend of cakes…

Helping our friends’ children celebrate their birthdays is always fun, but this weekend I was asked to create not just one, but two cakes to mark the occasions. Hooray for cake!

Smores Cake and Citroen Saxo Cake BCAE

Firstly, I was asked to create a Citroen Saxo for a 13 year-old motorsports fan. I decided to make it white – mainly because I prefer not to add too much food colouring to my bakes….especially when children are going to be consuming it! ┬áThe cake itself was my ‘usual’ moist chocolate cake and I sandwiched it together with chocolate ganache for extra deliciousness!

Bakes Cakes and Eats Citroen Saxo Cake Back

I shaped, filled, stacked and crumb-coated the cake, then put it in the freezer for a few minutes to harden up. I then did another coat of ganache to give a smooth layer for the fondant icing to go on. I used black and red fondant to cut out the details and also used some isomalt for the windscreen for added effect! The Birthday boy seemed very pleased with the result, and everyone enjoyed eating the cake, too.

Bakes Cakes and Eats Citroen Saxo Cake

As the family were having lots of guests around to help celebrate, I was also asked to make Edd Kimber’s S’Mores Cake (the recipe can be found in his ‘The Boy Who Bakes’ cookbook.) This is a very sweet cake, made with a cinnamon flavoured sponge and a chocolate ganache and Italian meringue filling, topped with more Italian meringue before gently torching the whole lot for that ‘toasted marshmallow’ effect as per the All-American treat – the S’mores.

Edd Kimber's S'mores Cake by Bakes Cakes and Eats June 2014

Will you be eating cake this weekend? I’m sure I will!

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